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CHRYSOforce R - Green Lacewing Eggs

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Green lacewing larvae bottle
Green lacewing larvae bulk
Green lacewing card 5000 eggs

Eggs are shipped different ways:

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  2. Bulk Eggs, no rice hulls
  3. Eggs on cards

Green Lacewing eggs are oval and pale green. Just before the larvae hatch, eggs turn gray. The eggs are shipped in vials with food and a carrier such as rice hulls, bran or vermiculite. It is best to allow a few of the lacewing larvae to begin emerging from the eggs before releasing. As soon as a few emerge, release as soon as possible to avoid cannibalism. The best time to release is early morning or late afternoon. Eggs can be stored at no lower than 50°F for up to 48 hours.

To minimize egg mortality, humidity should be approximately 75%. Warmer temperatures will speed up larval emergence, but the eggs should not be held at more than 80°F. For small areas, sprinkle the contents of the container(s) over the entire target area. For large areas you may need to mix eggs with additional inert ingredients such as vermiculite, bran, saw dust, etc. to help dispersal. You may also release eggs on every other row on alternating dates. If eggs are purchased on perforated hanging cards, hang the cards, from the hole in the card, near the underside of leaves in the target area.

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