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Certis Organic Trilogy Neem Oil - 2.5 Gallon

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Trilogy Botanical Fungicide / Miticide

Thorough coverage is essential for good disease and mite control. Trilogy prevents fungal attack of plant tissue and contact activity to mite pressure on the plant. Avoid excessive run off of spray for maximum control. For optimal performance do not mix with cold water (less than 45° F). Do not apply to wilted or otherwise stressed plants, newly transplanted material or crops prior to root establishment.

If using this product on a sensitive crop, plants with tender tissue or in conjunction with beneficial insects conduct a small scale test first to determine sensitivity or compatibility.

As with other oil based products exercise care in timing applications in the early morning or late evening to minimize the potential for leaf burn.

Trilogy Applications:    

Active Ingredient: Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil
TomatosRates: 1-2% tank mix (see label)
Spray Interval: 7-14 days (see label)
Re-entry Interval: 4 hours
Days to Harvest: 0


Trilogy can be used with the following crops:

Legume and fruiting vegetables Bulb
Tree fruits Corn
Small fruits and berries Alfalfa
Root and tuber vegetables Cotton
Cole and leafy vegetables Citrus
Herbs and spices Nuts
Cereal and grains Cucurbits

Trilogy is for use against the following Diseases:

Alternaria Greasy spot Scabs
Anthracnose Leaf spot Rusts
Early blight Post bloom fruit drop Shothole
Leaf blight Powdery mildew  
Botrytis Molds  

Trilogy is for use against the following pests:

Aphids Rust mites
Mealybugs Spider mites
Mites Soft scale

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Information Sheets Technical Bullitens: Technical Bullitens:
Product Label Soft Spray Program for Tomato Wine Grapes Pest Management Calendar
Product Label amendment Soft Spray Program for Peppers Peaches Pest Management Calendar
MSDS sheet Squash Program Apricots Pest Management Calendar
OMRI sheet Melon Program  Almonds Pest Management Calendar
WSDA sheet VegetableProgram   Current Batch:

Additional information on Trilogy can be found at http://www.certisusa.com.


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