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NEMAforce SF: Steinernema feltiae

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Steinernema feltiae:  In container or raised bed applications, S. feltiae is especially effective against immature dipterous insects, including mushroom flies, fungus gnats, and tipulids as well some lepidopterous larvae. This nematode is unique in maintaining infectivity at soil temperatures as low as 10°C.  S. feltiae has an intermediate foraging strategy between the ambush and cruiser type.  Nematodes are released in their infective juvenile stage to search out and enter insect pests. Once inside, the nematodes release symbiotic bacteria that quickly kill targeted insects. Reproduction inside the insect releases new generations of infective juvenile nematodes that disperse in search of further prey.  Steinernema feltiae, quickly controls larval stages of fungus gnats (Bradysia spp.), and the adult and pupal stages of western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis). When applied to the soil, S.feltiae will provide prolonged protection against pest re-infestation. NEMAforce™ SF is ideally suited for use in integrated pest management programs as an important tool for resistance management, worker safety and environmental responsibility.



Application Details:  Fungus gnat larvae and other pests can be controlled with NEMAforce™ SF by making frequent, light applications (50 million/1100 ft² [100 m²]) or less frequent applications at higher rates (50 million/550 ft² [50 m²]). Application interval selected should be based on grower preference, management program, and crop growth characteristics. Regardless of interval selected, applications of NEMAforce™ SF should begin early in the growth cycle. Apply in a sufficient volume of water to thoroughly soak the soil but not beyond the point where water overflows or leaches from pots, typically 30-50 gallons/1000 ft² (115-190 L/100 m²). Applications of S.feltiae should be made to moist soil and applied in the early morning or late evening to avoid high temperatures and nematode desiccation. Remove all sprayer filters of 50 mesh or finer and maintain pump pressure below 300 psi to avoid damaging nematodes. If NEMAforce™ SF is applied over foliage, irrigate immediately with plain water to wash nematodes into the soil. Soil temperatures should be between 50-86 °F (10-30 °C).


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  • Model: NEMAforce SF
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