Will Call & Shipping Information

Everwood Farm Supply is a stocking merchant and products are available for "Will Call" pick up, or FOB CI (Carrier Insured) shipment by UPS, USPS, or FedEx (by request) and usually with same day shipment if orders can be processed before noon.  Exceptions are sensitive products, IE:  Items that typically ship to you directly from a Livestock producer such as Beneficial Insects (see below for more detail).  Of course, we will notify you expediently with your scheduled shipment date, and/or if there is any delay expected in processing or shipping your order. 

If you are placing a "Will Call" order, or would like a written estimate for shipping costs, we have created a custom option at Check Out called "Special Handling." This option is available on the checkout screen (EXAMPLE PAGE) located under the PayPal and Credit Card Options, and flags our attention to prepare your order for Will Call pickup, or to respond to other instruction left in the "Comments Box."  Please note: No financial transaction occurs when using the Special Handling option at checkout.

Everwood Farm Supply ships within the Domestic USA; restrictions apply to Hawaii and Alaska:

This is an overview of the basic principles that we employ with regards to shipping. If you have any questions please Contact Us

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Will Call Pick Up

For Will Call pickup:

  • With the exception of *Beneficial Insects*, most products are available for Will Call pickup.  Payment is made when you pickup your order.
    • Place items in your shopping cart
    • Use "Special Handling" on the checkout page
    • Please leave a note in the comments box with your ETA. 
  • Please make sure to provide a VALID phone number so we can contact you if there are any exceptions.
  • For seasonal Will Call hours, see our "Contact Us" page.

*Beneficial Insects* -  Will Call is available, but requires a Commercial Account.  See our "Contact Us" page.

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Shipping Beneficial Insects

This applies to most Insectaries.  On each product page there will be a "Shipping" tab or "Please Read" pop up box with detailed shipping info for that Insectary. 

Orders are shipped from Koppert distribution on Tuesday (Next Day or 2nd Day when conditions allow), and Thursday (by Next Day Only.

Typical Cut-Off times:

  • Shipping by Next Day Air (Viability Guaranteed):
    • Orders processed by Thursday, 10:30 AM Pacific Time, will be shipped the following Tuesday (East or West Coast FOB)
    • Orders processed by Monday, 10:30 AM Pacific Time, will be shipped on Thursday (East or West Coast FOB)
    • At the checkout page, choose the Next Day Air option
  • Shipping by Second Day Air when conditions allow:
    • Orders processed by Thursday, 10:30 AM Pacific Time, will be shipped on Tuesday (East or West Coast FOB)
    • At the checkout page, choose the 2nd Day Air option

Orders from Domestic Insectaries typically ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from the West Coast

  • Shipping by Next Day Air (M-W, Viability Guaranteed, West Coast FOB):
    • Orders processed by 10:30 AM Pacific Time, will typically ship the next business day (M-W)
    • At the checkout page, choose the Next Day Air option.
  • Shipping by Second Day Air (M & T, West Coast FOB) when conditions allow:
    • Orders processed before 10:30 AM Pacific Time, will typically ship the next business day (M-W)
    • At the checkout page, choose the 2nd Day Air option.

Shipping during Holidays or Adverse Weather Conditions:  Be careful when and how you ship! 

  • Products can not be protected from high heat or extreme cold for extended periods, for example: don't ship by second day air to a residential address in the middle of summer!
  • Avoid scheduling shipments on weeks with Holidays!  Examples:  4th of July, Memorial Day, Xmas, Thanksgiving, etc.  Holiday weeks are generally limited to ONE shipment that week.  See scheduled UPS and USPS Holiday Schedules.

A VALID telephone number is required for shipment of Live Beneficial Insects and Nematodes

A VALID shipping address: When shipping by UPS, we cannot ship to a PO Box.  A Physical street address is required (some exceptions).

Changing or Canceling Orders:  Please notify us by phone (503-390-2637) one hour prior to the "cut off" time if you wish to change or cancel your order.  Once submitted to the livestock producer, orders cannot be canceled.

Please order as early as possible.  We often get "slammed" with last minute orders, and we may not be able to process your order before the closing bell.

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Livestock Shipments: Beneficial Insects, Nematodes, etc.

For delivery of Livestock Shipments: Viability can only be guaranteed when shipped using a Next Day method (with AM delivery when conditions require), and someone is available in person to accept and inspect the Livestock Shipment immediately upon delivery.

If the delivery driver is instructed to leave a package in a cool, safe place for a short period of time, viability should not be compromised but cannot be guaranteed.  If no one is available and no instructions have been left, viability may be compromised and will not be guaranteed. Based on the above, the best address to use is often a work address, or commercial address such as a UPS Access Point, or Ace or Truce Value Hardware store, etc.

If you suspect a viability problem, you must contact us upon receipt, on the day of delivery for a replacement or return.

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Combinable Items

Individual items weighing less than 40 lb are generally "combinable", i.e. they can be combined and shipped together in boxes weighing up to 68 lbs. (over 70 lbs, UPS Ground rates are significantly more expensive).  Items weighing over 40 - 50 lbs. usually ship alone to avoid damage to other products.  If your combinable items total is 68 lb or less, they will usually fit in a single box.  If your combinable items total more than 68 lb, they will have to ship in more than one box.  For example, if the total of your combinable items is 100 lb, the cost will typically be estimated for a 68 lb box and a 32 lb box (if that was a workable combination).

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Non-Combinable Items

Individual items that already come in their own packaging, or are too long or too big to be boxed up with other items, or weigh over 40 lbs. are usually not combinable.  The shipping cost is estimated for each non-combinable item individually, then added to the cost of your other boxes

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UPS Dimensional Weight: Next Day or 2nd Day Air

Be aware that for Air Freight, "dimensional weight" considerations may become a factor that could increase your shipping charges.  With any parcel shipped via Air, the calculation for the "dimensional weight" of each box is determined by {(Length) * (Width) * (Height)} / 135 or 166 depending on dimensional girth. "Dimensional weight" will prevail if it exceeds actual weight.

If shipping charges exceed what the computer estimated based on actual weight, we will call first to obtain your authorization for the additional costs.  We will never assume that you agree to pay these higher shipping charges.

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UPS Ground

Expect the following transit time for shipments:

  • 1 to 2 business days for Oregon, WA, ID, northern CA and western NV;
  • 2 to 3 business days for southern CA, NV, and western UT;
  • 3 to 4 business days in the Rockies (MT, WY, CO, AZ, and part of NM);
  • 4 to 5 business days east of the Rockies except
  • 5 to 6 business days for the East Coast and all of New England. 

Additional information on Time and Cost for shipping Small Packages by UPS can be found at:

If shipping charges exceed what the computer estimated based on actual weight, we will call first to obtain your authorization for the additional costs.  We will never assume that you agree to pay these higher shipping charges.

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LTL and Commercial Carrier (truck)

When shipping via truck to a residential address, be aware that you must be able to accommodate a semi-truck at your residence and, though the driver will typically assist you, it is actually your responsibility to unload it.  In Residential areas, this is usually a "curb side" delivery.

Some suggestions for the best method to receive LTL freight:

  • If you have a pickup truck, pickup at the local freight terminal
  • Arrange for delivery with a local commercial business.  For example, your local hardware store may be glad to accommodate you. 

Here are some examples of “commercial” rates for a small pallet (<= 500 lbs) from our warehouse in Salem Oregon to:

  • Oregon, S. WA, or N. CA destination on the I-5 corridor: usually $90 - $120
  • Eastern Oregon, N & NE WA, NE, S & SE CA, W. Nevada: $130 - $150
  • Chicago area:  $150 - $160
  • S BRUNSWICK, NC 28470: $150 - $180
  • MIAMI, FL 33141: $150 - $180
  • LUBBOCK, TX 79413: $150 - $180
  • Portland Maine:  $180 - $210
  • New York, NY: $240 - $280
  • Price examples were updated on December 8, 2015

Minimum product purchase required to utilize LTL freight:

  • for locations west of the Mississippi River: $500
  • for delivery points east of the Mississippi River: please call first.

If you would like an estimate, I will need your zip code and city.

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Shipping & Receiving Your Order

Please keep in Mind that  you are are shipping (any and all) products under the shippers "Terms of Service" (TOS).  For example, we often receive customers shipping instructions in the "Comments" box that put us in conflict with the "TOS" within which we must operate for USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.  This can cause delays in processing your order until we can clarify the matter with you. 

In order to receive the best service available, please review the information provided by these shippers:

When we cut your shipping ticket with any shipper, IE: UPS, USPS, etc, a tracking notification will be sent directly from that shipper to your email address.  This will show the exact shipping address where your package will be delivered.  Always double check this information for accuracy and let us know immediatly if any changes need to be made.

When your order arrives, please check it against the packing slip.  You must notify us immediately of any shortages or damage.  All products are shipped FOB, Carrier Insured (CI); 

If a product has been lost or damaged in transit, you must file a Claim with the shipper (there will be a link on the shippers tracking page for this purpose), and notify us within 24 hours of the Carriers recorded delivery.  For damaged goods, the Carrier will typically schedule an appointment to inspect the shipment within 24 hours.

Primarily for LTL freight shipments: Do Not sign for your shipment until you have confirmed an identical count of boxes, bags, rolls, bundles, pails, etc. and have checked very carefully for apparent and/or concealed damage.  We cannot assist you and will not accept any responsibility for missing and/or damaged items unless you note a count discrepancy and/or identify damage on the bill of lading at the time of delivery!

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Co-Op Shipping Program

The secret to economical shipping is quite simple: The larger the order shipped the more cost-effective the “per unit” cost. We encourage you to co-op with your friends, family, and neighbors when making orders. To this end, we have created a program with a shipping option called Co-Op Shipping which, in principal, is quite simple:

  • Multiple orders, by separate persons, are shipped to one address.
  • On our end, each person’s order is packaged independently with unique packing slips.
  • The orders are palletized, and delivered to the common shipping address by the best method.
  • Price discounts are applied based on the total - Per Product - volume of the combined order. 

For example:

  • Neighbor A needs 15 by 3 CF. bags of Compost and other items
  • Neighbor B needs 15 by 3 CF bags of Compost and other items
  • Neighbor C needs 15 by 3 CF. bags of Compost and other items 

Each Neighbor is charged at the pallet price for the Compost: a 10% savings. The savings on Shipping costs for the Combined Order would be another 20 to 30%. This equates to approximately 18 - 20% in savings for the Combined Order.

Some Restrictions Apply:

  • Minimum order: $500
  • Excluded from this program:
    • Drop Shipped items
    • Bulk or custom mixes
    • Special order products
  • Landscape Pricing, Farmer Pricing, and Wholesale Pricing programs do not qualify either  

If you would like to set up a Co-Op shipping group, please Contact Us

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Special Handling

You may, at checkout, submit your order using Special Handling

  • This option is available on the checkout screen (EXAMPLE PAGE) located under the PayPal and Credit Card Options.

No Financial Transaction occurs when using this method.
This method is typically used for:

  • Will Call Pickup orders
  • Request a written shipping estimate, IE: for an LTL freight order, etc.
  • To Mail in a check or Money Order payment (established accounts only)
  • To Pay by Phone with your Credit or Debit Card (established accounts only)
  • Co-Op's, Landscape, and Commercial NET Term accounts

The Special Handling Process:

  • A special handling request is simply a request to us for a formal, written estimate of costs for a given shipment.
  • We will respond as quickly as possible with a Sales Order (SO) and ETA, along with shipping options and/or estimated costs to your site.
  • Please "reply" to this email if you wish to accept this estimate; Phone confirmation is fine, but DO NOT leave voice mail instructions.
  • We will follow up ASAP with a formal Invoice for payment processing and applicable options for your shipment.
  • If you are a first time buyer, please complete the Credit Card Authorization form and Fax or email back.

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HazMat Fees

It is unfortunate, although not without merit, that over 50% of our Soil and Water testing products have been deemed hazardous by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This leaves the chemical industry paying significant shipping charges in respect to an inexpensive (but highly technical) consumable product.

What makes it Hazardous?

The most common hazardous products contain Nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrochloric acid, and Sulfuric acid. Even products with trace amounts of these acids are considered hazardous.

Typical HazMat Fees:

  • UPS charges a hazardous fee of $25.00 per box for ground shipments.
  • UPS Air shipments have a $45.00 per box fee. Only FIVE liters can be sent in each box.  

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