Pacific Gro

Pacific Gro

Seafood for the Soil

Feed your Living Soil and Crops with the Natural Power of Marine Nutrients

Farmers that understand biological farming practices know there is a lot more at work than what’s measured by NPK conventions.  Pacific Gro, a leader in the cold-process enzymatic digestion of fish scrap, has also developed a process to include crab and shrimp shell in their liquid fertilizer.  This combination of fish, shrimp and crab has proven to be so bio-active in the soil, and so rich in diverse nutrients, that it has become recognized as far superior to fish fertilizer or fish hydrolysate.

Feeds a Diverse Soil Food Web
Provides a broad range of Macro and Micro-nutrients, as well as fish oil that feeds beneficial fungi and improves soil texture

Delivers Organic Nitrogen
From seafood proteins and shell particles enzymatically digested into amino acids

High Performance Foliar
Provides a spectrum of marine nutrients, plant available Calcium, and fish oil that is a superior sticker on foliage

Increases Plant Available Nutrients

  • Calcium from fish bone and shell is highly plant available and outperforms conventional calcium sources
  • Amino acids chelate nutrients for plant availability

Pacific Gro is produced on the Washington coast from ocean-caught salmon, shrimp and crab from Oregon and Washington.  This highly bio-active liquid fertilizer enhances crop yield and quality by stimulating beneficial microbes and improving soil health.  And BTW, it is screened to150 mesh for trouble-free application in drip lines and foliar sprayers. 

Pacific Gro