DIY Worm Tea Brewing Area

I'm sure most of you can build this just from the photo's ... Grow On! you can do it!

This system is ideal for large home gardens or small farms; these units (produce 10 to 26 gallons by changing the height of the riser) are the best bang for your buck.  Easy to disassemble for cleaning and/or winter storage.  This unit will move about 5 to 6 liters per minute and will pop your oxygen levels in a matter of hours.

Tea Brewer Parts

Here are the parts...

Partially assembled parts

Put it together...

Assembled parts

Assemble with risers...

Working Tea Brewer

Vortexer 4 - The journey to simple and inexpensive continues

Description Quantity
2"  'T' 8
2"  '90' 4
2"  '45' 4
2"  Four Way 1

2" pipe x "whatever" height risers
I usually make 2 sets, one for 25 gallon and one for 15 gallon

your choice

Ask your supplier if they carry "Street 90's and 45's"
These have one male and one female end so reduces need to make these slip-slip couplings.

If these are not available, you will need to cut 12 x 2" pipe pieces 3.25" in length for the slip-slip couplings


This manifold is a miniaturized version of our commercial systems, and is intended to match the vessel plans above.  If you want to kick it up a notch for a 55 gallon drum,  just change your fittings list to 1/2 inch and use an Eco 7 (with variable speed) or equivalent air pump.  The diffusers on the right are actually pneumatic mufflers.  They are nearly as efficient as fine air legacy diffusers, one-third the cost, easier to clean, and readily available at any pneumatic dealer.  Click on the image to link over to Grainger's for detailed information on the pneumatic mufflers.

Manifold parts

Exhaust mufflers used for diffuser
Diffuser alternative

 Manafold parts list from our local pneumatic supplier  

Item Name/Num Description Price Qty Total
FCP:101-522 BV Model T-900 M x F 3/8 16.80 1.00 16.80
FCP:126HBL-6-6 126HBL-6-6 5.12 5.00 25.60
FCP:3/8 MMO-SS-304 MMO 3/8 SS SCD 40, FEM Pipe Tee Type 304 6.10 4.00 24.38
FCP:3/8 x CL FFF-SS-304 FFF 3/8 SS 150LB Nipple 2.91 3.00 8.74
FCP:62606 Ideal Clamp 5/16 - 7/8 D (10 per box) 2.05 1.00 2.05
FCP:ASP-3 Exhaust Muffler (BMS-38) 3/8 MNPT 3.44 4.00 13.76
FCP:G0782-6-6B Push-LOK 3/8 FPS x 3/8 HB Brass 7.97 5.00 39.84
FCP:SOH-005 PolyBraid Hose 3/8 I.D. PVC (per Foot) 1.34 35.00 47.04
Sunlight Supply Commercial Air 5 59.95 1.00 59.95
  Total Bill of Materials (2011 pricing)     $238.16

Some predecessors and smaller units:

Prototype 1973

Working Prototype

This unit had a bottom port as seen left, but it was no more efficient than the unit on the right, which kept the hose out of the tea.

Working Prototype 2

This method included an anti-siphon chameber, which costs an extra ten bucks in parts and really not necessary if you keep your air pump at least a foot above the brewer.

  Vortexer 1 - The Journey begins  
For 5 to 9 gallon

A very efficient system for 5 to 9 gallons, use 3/4" or 1" PVC

You can also shorten the riser for small, 2 or 3 gallon batches.

Short Riser for small batch


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