Note from Everwood Farm:

Aloha All;  as usual we will be drawing down inventory for our EOY and taxes, so please pardon the “Out Of Stock” on LaMotte testing supplies and some Gardening products. 

All pest and disease controls will be in stock for Will Call pickup or daily shipping, but watch your temp's!  Not a good idea to ship liquids when it's 20 degrees out!

Don’t forget:  there are NO shipments of Beneficial Insects on weeks:  48 (Thanksgiving Week), 52 (Xmas Week), or Week 1 as New Year’s Day is a Tuesday/Wednesday combo.  And again, watch your temp's when shipping during the winter and use UPS Hubs or Access points for pickup if it’s below 40F. at night.

Feed your Living Soil with the Natural Power of Marine Nutrients

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ESS sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers achieve greater spray coverage by combining air turbulence with tiny, evenly-sized spray droplets. Testing by four major universities, comparing ESS with conventional and air-blast sprayers, shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage on hidden areas and dense foliage.

Better spray coverage equates to lower consumption and faster investment payback. Most growers can reduce costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program.

New Beneficial Insect Product Packaging


This is a mix of Aphidius colemani and ervi

ULTI-MITE SWIRSKI-MITE Plus, 250 A.swirskii /Sachet

Moisture Resistant, Drought Tolerant


250 A.swirskii /Sachet

Boxes of 100 or 500 sachets

ULTI-MITE Spical Plus, 100 N.californicus /Sachet

Moisture Resistant, Drought Tolerant


100 N.californicus /Sachet

Boxes of 500 Sachets



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